Paper Gift Boxes



Paper Gift Boxes

Custom made paper gift boxes are our company's flagship products. The high quality gift boxes we produce would add values to your products.

We provide one-stop packaging solutions, from structural design, production, to logistics. Our gift boxes are custom-made for the products of our customers. The products can be jewellery, watches, shoes, wine, tea leaves, chocolates, cosmetics, candles, electronic & digital products, tablewares, and many others.

The gift boxes come in many different styles, like lid and base boxes, book-style boxes, hinged boxes, drawer boxes, multi-layer boxes, foldable boxes and other special packaging designs.

You can request different box styles, shapes, sizes, paper, colours, printing, finishings , e.g. a variety of laminations, vanishings, spot UV, foil stamping, silk-screen printing, embossing/debossing; also, laser cutting, windowing, special decorations and materials of inserts, e.g. card stock, paper pulp, foam, EVA, velvet, satin, PU leather and small cushion, etc.

Some gift boxes are shown in this website for your reference.

You are welcome to send us your box design and specification for getting a quotation. If you have not got a concrete idea about your box design yet, no worries, you are also welcome to contact us for discussing a suitable packaging solution.


Paper Packaging Boxes


Paper Packaging Boxes

We produce custom-made paper packaging boxes for a wide variety of products.

Many types of paper and card stocks are available to choose from. Besides printing, you can also add a variety of finishings and special effects such as lamination, varnishing, spot UV, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, laser cutting and windowing, etc., to give your box a unique appearance.

You are welcome to discuss with our team. We are most happy to provide you with professional packaging solution.



Other Paper Products

We can also produce some other custom-made paper products as requested by customers.

Please feel free to send us enquiries!



Molded Pulp Products

Our company also supplies a number of custom made molded pulp (also "moulded pulp", "paper pulp") products, which include molded pulp inner trays (also "paper trays"), flower pots, shoe inserts and pallets, etc.

Molded pulp inner trays show their superiority in environmental protection and performance. They are made of sugarcane bagasse pulp, recycled paper pulp, bamboo pulp, virgin wood pulp and other natural fiber pulp, which are biodegradable. Tests showed that the cushioning performance of molded pulp can be even better than some plastic packaging products such as expanded polystyrene (EPS). No wonder they become a key environmental-friendly packaging product in recent years.

Scope of Application:

  • inner packaging for all types of digital and electronic products and home appliances, such as watches, cell phones, computers, DVD players, TVs, washing machines and aroma diffusers, etc.
  • inner trays for bottles of wine
  • tray boxes for agricultural products, such as eggs, fruits, etc.
  • flower pots
  • pallets for logistics

Please feel free to send us enquiries!



Printing Products

Cheong Tai provides various kinds of printing services to you, which includes name cards, flyers and many more.

To optimize the printing effect, we will read your artwork file before printing. If we found potential printing problems of your files, we will discuss with you immediately.

Please feel free to send us enquiries!


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