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Cheong Tai (HK) Ltd. is a printing and packaging company, manufacturing and exporting high-quality custom made paper gift boxes and other packaging products. We also supply a variety of custom made molded pulp (also "moulded pulp", "paper pulp") products to provide you with more environmental friendly options.

We provide one-stop full service from structural design to production and logistics. OEM is available. Our team offer tailored packaging solutions which best fit your needs, produce quality products and follow up your orders closely.

Besides being sold in Hong Kong, our products have also been exported to many parts of the world, such as Asia, Middle East, Europe, US and Canada, etc.

We are proud to present you our team, services and products in this website. Whenever you have questions about our products and service, our friendly and passionate team is ready to assist you. Welcome to contact us!


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Over these decades, Cheong Tai's business has expanded from printing to packaging and international trade. We supply custom made paper packaging products and molded pulp products locally and abroad. Paper gift boxes are our flagship products.


Paper Packaging Products
Our factory in China manufactures a wide range of paper gift boxes, packaging boxes and other packaging products. We strive for elegant designs and excellent quality.

Examples of our paper gift boxes includes jewellery boxes, watch boxes, wine boxes, tea leave boxes, chocolate boxes, cosmetic boxes, candle boxes, electronic & digital product boxes, kitchenware boxes and a lot more.


Molded Pulp Products
For protecting the environment, we also supply sustainable molded pulp products, which include molded pulp inner trays, flower pots and pallets, etc.

Please feel free to find out more information of our products in this website.

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